November 3, 2009

CAPS3 – Pixelate

CAPS3 - Pixelate

Free album download from Hand’Solo Records artist, CAPS3.

CAPS started writing raps in history class (1992) with one of his four friends that actually loved hip hop. His tiny town was a classic case of “behind the times” for years (still is in a lot of ways).The petry dish remained empty until 99-00 when his town began to bubble. Hip Hop began to be played on the radio (uhh… well it was sorta Hip Hop) more often and the culture itself was getting “louder”. Finally meeting up with the likes of Oddvox Is (Who gave CAPS the 3), Prophecy the Iron Monk, Cloudwalk The Qumulus, Strange “SHAGS” Powers, and L-Nix, a foundation could begin. He owes all rights of rap passage to these gentlemen who have been brutally honest at times. Now as time has gone on, his raps (for better or worse) have evolved in many directions and he really hopes that someone may take from it. If anything, he hopes you smile during these trying seasons, and FUCK THE MAN.

Download as a rar file: CAPS3 – Pixelate rar
Download as a zip file: CAPS3 – Pixelate zip

Need more CAPS3? His split-release with JazzB, Creator/Pixel, is now available on Hand’Solo. Download it here:

And check CAPS3 at

CAPS3 - Pixelate

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  1. If you guys like instrumental music, CAPS3’s Pixelate is actually part of a bigger three disc project that was split up for release. His album has raps, and yes they are a little out there… The other two discs are a two part series of instrumentals from JazzB.

    You can get any of those albums and more from

    And thanks for posting this…

    1. Yeah…. my shit is trippy. I REALLY appreciate the link on the sight. I hope yall have some good laughs, and maybe some thoughts to……