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April 10, 2010

Ceschi – “No New York”

Ceschi - "No New York"

Download: http://download.e-q-x.net/eqx023/eqx023_ceschi_-_no_new_york.zip

Dope new track from Ceschi’s long awaited new album, The One Man Band Broke Up, to be released on Equinox Records / Fake Four Inc. in June. The album was entirely produced by DJ Scientist and features musical contributions from Sole, Radical Face, Astronautalis, 2econd Class Citizen, Shoshin, Mic King and many others.


12 Responses

  1. hate to make the comparisson…

    but its like a better anticon. or a better sole ranty style track.

    either way, really dig it. great song.

  2. Yeah i thought the vid turned out great…if i promise to buy 2 copies, will you leak another track? ha!

  3. if you promise to buy one at all…send me an email and i’ll personally leak a track to you