January 19, 2016

Ceschi / Pat The Bunny split 12-inch and Zine


Pre-orders are now up for the new Ceschi and Pat The Bunny (of @RamshackleGlory) acoustic split 12-inch – ships February 14. The 40 page zine was designed by Michael Crigler. Check out diybandits.bandcamp.com to see the different packages that are available.

Side A – Ceschi
1. Prison Sporks
2. Survival Part 1
3. Black and White and Red All Over
4. Galapagos (For the Fish)
5. All Dogs Go To Heaven
6. Survival Part 2
7. $tiche$ unplugged (ft. Pat The Bunny)

Side B – Pat The Bunny
1. Anarchy Of Dirt
2. The Hand You Reach Out Is Empty, As Mine Is (alternate version)
3. Teenage Anarchist
4. I Don’t Know
5. Club Hits Of Today Will Be The Show Tunes Of Tomorrow (alternate version)
6. This City Is Killing Me (ft. Ceschi)