October 23, 2014

Ceschi – “Say Something” (Live)

Live version of a brand new track recorded for Half Stop Sessions

via halfstopsessions.com:

“I’m just going to play another one about prison.”

I’m not going to get caught up on this opening quote from Ceschi but I think it is somewhat important to mention that the past four years of events (enlighten yourself) in his personal life have inadvertently affected his music, and his record label, Fake Four Inc.

But with that said, everything about him when we met up at The Echo last month before his show reflected nothing but positivity, from news of an LP release just around the corner to his humbling demeanor were all true testaments of his ability to surpass adversity, and even strive in its wake.  At this point as if to even laugh at the fucking people that tried to drag him down.  Much of that strength without a doubt stems from the unconditional support that he has from his family/friends/fans who did everything they could to see to it that he was released before the end of an unconstitutional 18 month sentence after being setup in a small scale Christmas weed sting.  Fans wasted no time jumping into action when Fake Four asked for a $15,000 pledge goal via Indiegogo to assist in keeping the label afloat while Ceschi was away, but instead of 15k they were greeted by more than $50,000 in generous pledges during short duration of the Free Ceschi campaign.  This gesture alone should go a long way towards the validation of Ceschi, his music, and Fake Four if you aren’t already familiar.

Verses like these below from “Say Something”, a never before heard track and World Premiere from his forthcoming album, are exactly the sort of songwriting that made me a fan since my initial introduction with “Half Mast” off of 2010’s The One Man Band Broke Up LP, and why I have remained one ever since.  Far beyond just the lyrics alone is the flawless delivery of these lyrics that really drive their meaning home.  You don’t just listen to this kind of music, you LISTEN to this music and it won’t take long to realize the legitimacy behind the words he is speaking.

“Ive got friends who would rather end society,
cause there’s no way we’re fixing these flaws.
And they’re starting to make far more sense to me now,
cause we’re lazy and used to what’s wrong.

It’s been embedded inside us since our first breath,
so we’re destroying the world where we live.
But i’m sitting here watching a T.V. in bed,
wondering why I lack happiness.”

The night we shot this session at The Echo, I listened to legendary indie hip-hop artist, Sole, praise Ceschi for what he had done for him and his career, and for independent hip-hop as a whole. We’re talking a master of his craft who sets a bar that most only dream about reaching. There’s no doubt that he will go down as one of the best in many of eyes and hopefully his music will continue to reach the masses it deserves.

Enjoy this session, as it was a pleasure to create! The best way to support and to experience Ceschi is by seeing him live, I can attest to him putting on one of the best performances you will ever witness, no bullshit.

Please visit the links below to explore Ceschi’s back catalog as well as the extensive catalog of Fake Four on their Bandcamp page.

Julio “Ceschi” Ramos – Vocals, Guitar, And anything else…….


Ceschi Bandcamp
Ceschi Facebook

Fake Four Inc. Bandcamp
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*words by Travis Button

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