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April 17, 2013

Ceschi – “Work Song” (ft. Baracuda, NgaFsh & Child Actor)

From Ceschi’s upcoming album Forgotten Forever. Produced by Child Actor.

“While on tour in Ontario, Canada in January 2013 I was lucky enough to have time to record a song with Baracuda originally of Guelph Ontario’s “Plague Language” family of artists. Cuda & I originally recorded our verses in London Ontario at Richard Catesh’s apartment over a beat that was grabbed online which featured a (pretty heartfelt) Reggae singer doing the chorus. I had been trying hard to get one of my rap idols NGAFSH of CVE (Goodlife/Project Blowed) on this album and after recording this song and reading some of FSH’s online rants about hard work – I KNEW he would feel this one. The only problem we had was that the beat had already been used by countless others online who had already made youtube music videos etc. Like a champion, my long time friend & bandmate Max Heath of Child Actor completely re-made the beat, I recorded a new chorus, Natalie sang some ad-libs and the Work Song was created!” – Ceschi