April 2, 2009

Chaps Changes His Name!

Chaps Casanova fka Chaps
Chaps Casanova fka Chaps

It was only last week that Chaps and I were hanging out in Texas. Everything seemed normal, we were eating barbeque, listening to rap, and losing to girls at bowling… now today I get this shocking press release:


Thursday April 2nd, 2009.

SASKATOON, SK – In a stunning move among a crowd of supporters and hysterical crying girls, Chaps announced that he will no longer be known as Chaps. This news shocked the hip hop world and his friends and family alike. The artist formerly known as Chaps will now be known as Chaps Casanova. When asked why the name change Chaps Casanova had this to say, “it is 2009 and I feel I have earned the title of Casanova, it is more reflective of the man that I am today” and he went on to add, “when you have as many amorous adventures as I do a name like Casanova is very fitting”.

This move both shocked and disappointed Chaps Casanova’s mom. When reached for comment she said “she no longer has a son”. Factor a long time friend and super producer was also shocked by this news. “I mean he has always been Chaps”. The news has been sending shock waves throughout the hip hop community and world.

Chaps had these closing comments, “only time will tell if this was the right thing to do, I hope everyone out there still knows that I care for them and this won’t change that. I look forward to continuing to play for favorite songs”. In a final ceremony Chaps Casanova brought out a headstone with the name Chaps on it and the dates 1994-2009 on it. “This headstone is to symbolize the death of an era and to celebrate new beginnings and new opportunities” Chaps Casanova added as he laid a bouquet of flowers next to the headstone.

You can check out Chaps Casanova Friday April 24th at Maguires Pub as we celebrate the return of Kay the Aquanaut to Saskatoon with Nolto and the Intelligentlemen.

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    Thursday April 2nd, 2009.

    VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC – In an equally stunning, yet highly un-publicized maneuver, Neferiu Records recording artist Mantrakid has announced that he will no longer be known as Mantrakid. This news follows suit of a recent move by Saskatoon rapper Chaps, who has recently dropped the moniker Chaps for the more esteemed title Chaps Casanova. With Chaps Casanova leaving Chaps in the dust, Mantrakid seized the opportunity to acquire the highly respected rap name as the perfect chance to refresh his image while retaining the air of ‘sick emcee’.

    When asked about the name change, Mantrakid simply shrugged and muttered something about “Finders keepers”. It is still unknown if he plans to keep the name Chaps for himself or sell it on eBay to the highest bidder. All said, at least for the time being, Chaps has certainly been reborn, albeit in a slightly nerdier form, but will continue to bring the mother fucking ruckus.

    You can hear Chaps’ new album Palmflowerblack by visiting http://www.neferiu.com. Chaps will be touring Canada this summer alongside label mate Ricca Razor Sharp with a final destination date set for the 2009 NXNE festival & conference in Toronto.

  2. hahaah this shit is pure comedy!!

    But make sure you come check out the show April 24th as we will be celebrating the life and times of T.A.F.K.A Chaps with a short on-stage ceremony!

  3. in 2009….

    ‘if you ain’t out their doing it up big, then what’s to big up about whatever it is you’re out their doing?’

  4. just to clarify.

    i’m told i don’t make sense on the internet so hopefully this clarify’s!

    I’m proud of you all for doing such amazing things, my friends, fellow musicians, and Candian rap in general. this post reminded me of back in the day and made me nostalgic.

    in 2009, if you’re not working hard, and doing amazing things (LIKE SO MANY OF US ARE sideroad, factor, poli live, chaps, Plague Language, def 3, Selfhelp, Endemik, Epic, Heywood, Deepcave, Plex, ect.. us tours, european tours, albums with legends, the list goes on.. )

    what have you been doing? Because theirs definitely a humble momentum in Candian rap right now, for whatever that’s worth!

    does that make more sense?

    anyways, great interview.


  5. A girl told me once that Chaps’ pick line is “Hey Baby. Your lips look dry. You should try Chaps’ dick.”

    1. plex with the zinger that no one noticed. don’t worry plex, your witty comment has not gone to waste.