Dec 4, 2010

Construction Owners Association of Alberta – “Petrocan Rap” video



  1. Cam the Heaze

    bahahahahaha holy fuck!

  2. Son of a Pipe Layer

    This guy probably got his ass kicked when he came back to the job site.

  3. Komrade

    I heard Plex got 10 grand to ghostwrite this song

  4. asthma

    thats the best thing i’ve ever seen

  5. Royal-T

    this dude is gonna snap and kill someone someday. he’s got a nervous tweak probably roid induced

  6. Baggylean

    Unreal. At least I hope so.

  7. Wal Martian

    Fuck construction lifers

  8. max prime


    lets take a little wiff test

  9. Mike

    Safety doesn’t happen by accident. This is the realest real talk in the safety game right now. Respect that.

  10. yothatswhatsup

    nice find noyz!

  11. baggylean

    Might I suggest we revive our beat-battle contest and use this video as the source? Bet we could get some funny ass shit.

  12. chris plus

    this guy should do a steroid rap, it would probably be really heartfelt.

  13. max prime

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a huge LBA fan 5-7 years back.

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