January 25, 2011

Cool Calm Pete – “Offline”

Cool Calm Pete - "Offline"

Cool Calm Pete never disappoints, new track produced by Pre.


Let me get into your pretty little head
Pretty lights
Digital cameras action
Assimilated, new clothes
I get it, times are changin
Hard to let go of the past, I must be aging
An Amasian: Afrocentric and amazing
Self-fulfilling prophecies
They call it Hip Hop’s disease
No cure for these cancers
Just me and these wires, aint no room for you dancers
Stay in school, get a job, pray to God, whatever works
Complain, put it on a tee shirt
Yeah I get it, times are changin
You like all kinds of music
You like dressin up, dressin down
You adult now, you from generation Fuck The World
Remember Y2K?
A little bit of you hoped the world would end
Then it came and went, and moved on,
And nothing happened?
These digital displays… you can’t turn em back
15 minutes, you been there, done that
Your hopes and dreams, they fell through the cracks
Then you close your eyes, computer screen black
That’s you, pixels, Keanu Reeves in the Matrix,
Ridin the subway
Sweatshirts with spaceships
Yeah I get it, times are changin
Flatscreens, tight jeans, sippin cocktails at Wallgreens
Flashin lights, digital cameras, action
You collect shit
You turnin Japanese, yeah I get it
We all X-Men, freak Frankensteins textin
You bought that garbage on sale
Thought they would bail you out
Times is strange, people talkin strange
Rearrange, no edits
Thought you figured it out, but you didn’t
So you dead it
So nowadays you watch food on the television
And far away, people still dyin of starvation
But you can’t help them
You’re too busy sharin your dreams with Mr. Reeves
In the limousine, wine tastin
Yeah I get it, things have changed
Talk to you later
Abbreviated… hater
See you in hell, or should I say see you tomorrow
Older horror, welcome back to the Terrordome
Never alone, I’m wireless
E.T. phone home, unidentified star ramblin
Same bitches at the bar, got nothin to lose
I’m all in, offline gamblin