October 15, 2008

Corvid Lorax – N.I.C.E. (Ninjas in Cities Everywhere)

Corvid Lorax - N.I.C.E. (Ninjas in Cities Everywhere)

Corvid Lorax – “Trust Me” produced by DJ Weezl

Edmonton’s Corvid Lorax is back with a dope second album for Little Whore Records, featuring Conspiracy, Pasteez, Magnumm Mosquito and more. Production from Chasmo, DJ Weezl, Akendi, Specialist, Madame Wang, and others.

Edmonton CD Release Party
Friday October 17, 2008 @ Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus on 8120 – 101 st. Doors at 9pm $5, CDs $5.

More info at corvidlorax.com

15 Responses

  1. very dope album…i think i was one of the first to pick up a copy..this cd’s packed with sick tracks. “im the lorax thats corvid” lol dont know what it means but its dope. hah

  2. THIS ALBUM IS THE SHIZNILL! This is the Corvid Lorax album I’ve been waiting for. Karen, if you see this, check your email! Let’s get this interview popping off!

  3. I’ve been listening to this album for that last couple of days now, its very fun, still crazy but more cohesive and polished than his first album, I like the production. Karan is a really good rapper.

  4. WHAT!. this is a great excuse to party on Friday. picking up the album as soon as I get there. Karan is the homie.

  5. fresh, sounds good so far. i remember being told about the album cover when i was in edmonton a few months back and its almost spot on, just a little more dope in real life ha. send some copies to saskatoooon.

  6. Yah I know lots of people that couldn’t get in (myself included)…but when capacity is like what 25 people What do you expect? He shoulda just went across the street and ripped it on the karoke system at the H2O.