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March 24, 2009

D-Sisive – “Die In Amsterdam” from forthcoming LP, Let The Children Die


D-Sisive – “Die In Amsterdam”

Download: http://www.box.net/shared/static/tdy4evdgmt.mp3

First single from the forthcoming LP, Let The Children Die, available on URBNET Records May 5, 2009.

Album Track Listing:
01. The Introduction
02. Switzerland
03. Let The Children Die
04. Nobody With A Notepad
05. Father
06. Back Then
07. Song To Sing
08. Riot I Caused (feat. Classified)
09. I See (feat. Muneshine, 9th Uno & Little Vic)
10. Questions
11. Glorious
12. Bees With You
13. Mr. Daydream
14. High School Cool (feat. Conscience & Kyprios of Sweatshop Union)
15. The Stars
16. Die In Amsterdam
17. The Superbowl Is Over (feat. Buck 65)
18. Like This (feat. Guilty Simpson)
19. Wonderful World

More info: urbnet.com/dsisive | http://www.myspace.com/dsisive

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D-Sisive - "Die In Amsterdam" from forthcoming LP, <em>Let The Children Die</em>

6 Responses

  1. that nobody with a notepad track is illll.

    that video should be posted somewhere, its awesome.

  2. ^^^^^ you must be old, ’cause D-Sisive’s not much of a “kid” anymore…no offense

  3. Wicked album. Love the beat on “The Superbowl is Over” and Buck sounds more like his old self with every new verse. The raps on “I See” are also wicked. And this album is just as depressing as you’d expect. Is D-Sisive the first black humourist rapper?