Nov 17, 2010

D-Sisive – “No More Words” / “If” Prod. by Muneshine



Free two-track digital single from D-Sisive’s forthcoming Muneshine produced album Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye. The album will be available as a FREE download on November 28 and will be his last album released under the ‘D-Sisive’ moniker.


  1. Mo Mega


    Wow. Amazing track.

  2. max prime

    If is crazy

  3. Jar3tt

    where is the moniker going? what’s that about?

  4. Apeface

    D works in mysterious ways. This shit is monster.


    on a side note, daniel johnston fuckin rules.

  6. Yeah, “If” is nicer than nice… Crazy!

    As for the D-Sisive name, rumour has it he’s changing his name to Derek From Northcliffe or something like that… But who knows, this could all just be some bullshit…

  7. “if” is excellent

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