Jul 7, 2010

D-Sisive – “West Coast” video



  1. Nicely done. I dig the High Park cherry blossoms.

  2. metawon

    D Sisive is a beast, and this video was really nice – some great shots and shit. D has such a dope persona too.

  3. I’ve been critical of D-Sisive’s videos in the past, but this one is clever. Nice track too!

  4. Cool song, but i still like Schwartzman’s original more:

  5. pitapit

    his face looks like whatevski and planit smashed together.

  6. kcom

    I am a big fan of the Coconut Record’s version as well…but I hadn’t heard it until I heard the D-Sisive version first.

    Great video!

  7. Hope this one becomes his biggest hit yet… he definitely deserves more attention.

  8. Orwitz

    cool song and video

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