Sep 23, 2010

Dark Time Sunshine – “Murder Scene” ft. Awol One


From Dark Time Sunshine’s (Onry Ozzborn & Zavala) latest album (a limited edition tour CD) Cornucopia.


  1. Avatar heywoodjablome

    this is ill onry kills it
    oldominion is one of the most slept on crews ever.

  2. Avatar kcom

    Dark Time Sunshine are really, really good. Their ‘Vessel’ album absolutely blew my mind, Zavala makes incredible beats.

    I wasn’t a big fan of this track initially, but there are a couple tracks on this that I can’t stop listening to; “M and M” is probably my favorite, along with “Rabbit Hole”:

    Anybody know what Zavala was doing before DTS? Does he have any past albums, aside from that one with PNS..?

  3. Avatar kcom

    Word…thats Sleep’s newest, right..?
    I gotta get that..
    Thanks Noyz.

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