Sep 2, 2010

Das Racist – “Who’s That? Brooown!” video + game



  1. heywoodjablome

    sounds like mickey avalon

  2. kcom

    ^ Thats what I thought initially also.

  3. got to give these cats props for this concept…it’s brilliantly executed…
    Victor (the bearded latino motherfucker) and I have a lot of mutual friends…he’s from the bay area…went to college with my brother…and apparently we did a song together like 8 years ago haha
    so big ups…

  4. 8-bit nothing… that’s on some Sierra PC game shit! I never heard these dudes, but I’m in semi-love. You mix that shit with some real rap nerd (not nerd rap) shit like quoting and sampling Charlie Brown plus throwaway references to BORN JAMERICANS of all things… you get me all in love and shit.

    I just can’t believe they beat me to a video like this.

    I guess if I ever made videos, it would be more surprising.

  5. Son of a Pipe Layer


    Scenario Remix.

  6. Son of a Pipe Layer


  7. Plex

    Cool vid. There’s a crunchy static sound on the kicks. No matter how low the volume is.

  8. metawon

    Pretty much a perfect video(game).

  9. Son of a Pipe Layer

    Ya you can play the game. Dope. Elevator Action.

  10. deejay emoh betta


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