Feb 25, 2008

Dead Magazine – Vol. 4


Dead Magazine - Vol. 4Latest issue of Germany based Dead Magazine features articles on Sole & The Skyrider Band, K-The-I???, Ceschi, Controller7, Noah23 and more. Download a PDF version of the mag for free on their website or order a limited edition print copy that includes a CD of the Dead Vol.4 compilation featuring Vangel, Mnemotrauma, Ceschi, and many others. Too bad only the Controller7 interview is in english.


  1. ira lee

    . mattr is an unimaginably talented musician and ceschi is the future.

  2. Timbulb

    Judging by the cover there is an article on Technoviking as well.

  3. plusthemic

    I just peeped that Technoviking shit, classic. Could quite possibly be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen online. Dude’s like the Robin Hood of rave music.


  4. professor defbeat

    epic and soso are on the cover of issue #2 :) i’ll post the link when i find it.

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