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January 5, 2009

Def 3 & Factor – Drumbo

Def3 & Factor - Drumbo

New Def 3 & Factor album Drumbo, coming out this month on Ship Records. Check out the CD release party in Regina Jan 9th @ O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub.

Track Listing:

01. Triumph
02. Stutter Step
03. Take Me Higher
04. Change Your Mind
05. Speed Demon (feat. Moka Only)
06. Galaxy Kush (feat. Thomas Roussin)
07. So Alone
08. Losing You (feat. Val Halla)
09. Deal With It (feat. B Dot Soul)
10. Hold On
11. C.H.U.G.
12. Buiding A Dream (feat. Joe Dub)
13. Leader vs. Followers (feat. Cam the Wizzard and Sunspot Jonz)
14. Killing Time


12 Responses

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  2. yo, this is already sick. check out the streaming tracks at reverbnation.com…gram did it again…can’t wait….how the f**k can i get ahold of this album? can someone please lemme know where to buy it?

  3. tanks, but its not there. i been looking all over for this album. cannot find it. anyone else got any ideas? i searched the web far and wide, but to no avail. guess im stuck w reverbnationplayer for awhile.

  4. It is not available anywhere online yet. Def 3 is the only person with copies that I know of besides people who bought it on tour in the states. If it makes you feel any better Factor and I both don’t have copies yet. I know he is sending em soon and as soon as Factor has em he will get em to soso and they will be up on phono.

  5. Well i tried, haha…….If it makes you feel better, my copy got scratched and i can’t play the first 4 songs now 🙁

  6. thanks again. i’m on that as soon as it drops. cant wait. geeked out on leaders vs followers w cam and sunspot n speed demon w moka.