Oct 2, 2009

Denizen Kane – Brother Mins Journey To The West


Denizen Kane - Brother Mins Journey To The West

[audio:https://ugsmag.com/media/denizen_kane-Holding-Up_The_Wall.mp3|artists=Denizen Kane|titles=”Holding Up The Wall”]
[audio:https://ugsmag.com/media/denizen_kane-Sparrow.mp3|artists=Denizen Kane|titles=”Sparrow”]
[audio:https://ugsmag.com/media/denizen_kane-The_Porch.mp3|artists=Denizen Kane|titles=”The Porch”]

It’s been a few years, but Denizen Kane is back with his third solo LP, Brother Mins Journey To The West, look for it October 6, 2009 on Galapogos4.

Brother Min’s Journey to the West, Kane’s third solo joint, is told entirely in the voice of Min, the youngest of the four Kane brothers—characters Denizen has developed on record and in print (reportedly a collection of short stories is in the works). The Kanes represent those slain in the struggle, and Min represents the most tragic of the young, gifted, and dead—the suicide. Tree City has ceased to be clown-head slang for Chicago, or a bizarre amalgam of Chi City, Oakland, Seattle, and New York—as it was for the first two Tree City LPs. Here, it is the city within the City, the remnant of decimated tribes, the last survivors, carrying imaginary homelands in their heads. Brother Min is a gripping collection of immigration narratives, rebel chants, and classic odes to crew, crossing the river, and the wild-ass kids on your block. – Read More

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  1. metawon

    Sounds pretty wild.

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