Jul 2, 2008

DJ Brace Presents The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania



Canadian DMC champion, DJ Brace, presents an instrumental hip hop album built from a crate filled with familiar sounds and things you’ve never heard. In the mysterious Electric Nosehair Orchestra, each nosehair is distinctively titled (NH1-NH14) to correspond with visual artwork, guiding the listener through the Nostomanian experience. The album drops July 19th on Winnipeg’s Balanced Records.



  1. chaps

    This is really dope! The Audio is great! I can’t wait to get this cd! Great Work homie!!!! Brace kills it on the flute and the cut and the beats!

  2. drumbreak

    fiya! for real, dont sleep on this!

  3. heywoodjablome

    word this looks dope
    the cuts and beat on nh-2 are real clean
    gonna look for this

  4. metawon

    Oh what? This is on some shit. I’m really curious to hear this. I always wanted more releases along this line.

    Thanks again noyz.

  5. This sounds really good, I don’t usually like Instrumental albums but this one definetly has some crazy flavor and uptempo shit from the 3 samples on the site.

    Cool shit, word up to DJ Brace

  6. Lina

    fucking righst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me there`s a little sond barieirs teaser on here brace….. tell me… :P

  7. Yo I gotta chance to get a taste of this record and let me tell yah there ain’t no cat laying it down like Brace all the luck to you bro

  8. great project commin forward,tight beats,great artwork,total package,dont sleep,mega fresh,ultra hype……comming soooonnnnn……

  9. kensingtons disease

    finger a dead dog on acid while drugging and raping yourself…..mikes ill yo’, hardcore like blood on a steel toe….for real ‘do.

  10. Commercial D

    Long-awaited, must-cop! Brace is a master turntablist fo sho!

  11. Leslie Dust

    I was lucky enough to hear some of Nostomania before it was released. I gotta say, I was in disbelief of just how fucking dope the shit was. This latest offering shows just how much Brace has grown as an artist. A supreme piece of work.
    Tons of love to you Mike.

  12. E_Xtra

    nicely!!! keep up good work Brace!! see you soon

  13. Emi

    j’adOre DJ bRAcE!! je M’eN suiS aPeRçu dEpuIs le joUr qUe c’était lui lE mAîtRe!!!

  14. Darko

    Everyone better pick this album up! I’ve heard the complete album and it’s very impressive. The art work looks amazing too. He worked really hard on this album for a long time and it shows.

  15. cookiemonstah

    awwww shit!! awesome bro cant wait to hear the whole ting! u still killin it mang..

  16. Kristi

    Brace baby, u gone done did it!!!! lol. u kno im by far ur biggest fan! always. this is tight.. can’t wait to get my copy! keep on keepin on! im proud of u. mad love. -K

  17. John Harry

    Pure amazingness. Beautifully composed, orchestrated and put together. DJ Brace has done it, once more.


    checkin it now!! good to hear from yah brotha!

  19. Deuce

    That’s a sick video…can’t wait for the album to come out. I’m super stoked for you! – Deuce

  20. richard

    inevitably voids are left, and imperceptibly, they disappear, we’re walking on some ancient restart here

  21. I’m so happy about this release Brace. You’ve got a dope mix of space and beats.

    respect bro.

  22. brad

    i am so loving this. this is the soundtrack of a good goddam evening.

  23. WresJuanDeeJay

    My Nose Hairs are Tingling w/ Flute Integration.
    Buy this LP when it drops.
    Your Nostrils will be more than happy.

  24. short-e

    Tight fresh cuts, intelligent vibes. All around hip hop goodness.

  25. The tone of this record is brilliant… integrating sampled records and sampled instruments to deviate slightly from other ‘instrumental hip-hop albums’… A lot of records have re-worked the jazz stylings of Bob James and David Axelrod to give them a pure hip-hop feel, but Nostomania seems to be pushing the other way – it’s an undeniably hip-hop album that should have a strong appeal for the jazz crowd. Great stuff.

  26. I’ve known brace for a long time now, and can guarantee the man’s soul went into this project as with everything he does, and it paid off, this is a project that transcends genres and sets the bar for Canadian producers/beat makers good job brother, PROPS OVER THERE!

    on another note check him out on the Joints! show this week Wednesday July 16th at midnight! on 101.5 UMFM on the call-in tip.

  27. alkihollee

    Yo Yo YO !!!! Mister DJ Brace is super fly and spins AMAZING beats…Remember at Sasha`s years ago??? Even the deaf have to bop to the sweet sounds this guy creates!!!!!! I am truely Honored to have went to high school and had the oppertunity to meet him!!!!! KEEP ROCKING DUDE!!!!!!!!! Recycle and turn the lights out people… save the world!!!

  28. alkihollee

    WTF… you linked up the beats , words and images PERFECTLY!!! like pink floyd the wall and alice in wonderland… BUT a millon times sharper… Where did you find the record maker image?? AWESOME .. MASERT PIECE for the future… I bet W.A.G. would pay u to put on a show there!!!!! Can`t wait for July 19!!!!!

  29. Reefill

    PLUCKING FANTASTIC !!! trippy, dip tree type funk. fatastically jazzy and masterful! DJ BRACE does it like it should be done. deep cuts and flow. ecclectic and soulful. FUNK YEAH!

  30. ATK

    keep it up…Mike

  31. Thank you for all your kind words. This project is a big part of my soul. I urge you to steal it, download it or break it in half.

    grab it from soso when he looks the other way at:


    or straight up digitaly smuggle it from



  32. Beat

    still enjoying this album. glad it was available from itunes.

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