May 21, 2010

Dj Cosm – “Cosm Mega” ft. Kazmega

Dj Cosm - "Cosm Mega" ft. Kazmega

<a href="">Cosm Mega by Dj Cosm</a>


The first single from Dj Cosm (of Dragon Fli Empire)’s forthcoming album Time and Space, which also features appearances from Prince Po, Craig G, Insight, Raashan Ahmad, Qwazaar, Moka Only, Grand Analog, Ghettosocks, Miles Jones, Touch, Cam the Wizzard, Teekay and more.

24 Responses

  1. 1.) U got a crazy ass style!!

    D.)The Rhymes have a nice poetic feel to them, and the beat’s ridiculous,

    and 4.) ur reppin E town PROPER

    I’m feelin it

  2. so dope. Kaz kills it. “you need to get a clue like the klux klan” hahahaha

  3. I agree hurtbag…Fatlip. Cosm you killed it on the beat…Be ready people this shit is gonna blow…

  4. Thanks for the support! I agree, Kaz fuckin’ killed this shit. The album will most likely be out in august. But be on the lookout for a couple more leaks in the mean time.

  5. When I saw this had 22 comments, I thought y’all were hatin’ en masse or buggin’ out over something good. Glad it’s the latter. Downloaded for a listen, and I have no doubt that it’s dope.