May 7, 2009

DJ Hero finally annouced


Activision finally annouced DJ Hero, including a first look at what the DJ controller looks like. Music genres include “hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance,” and the game will allow turntablists to create “original mixes” of songs. Additionally, Activision is also prepping a family-friendly Band Hero game, and a Guitar Hero 5 followup to its flagship title, with all three new Hero games hitting sometime this fall.


17 Responses

    1. Uhmmm… remember it is a video game. That same dumb logic of yours could be applied to any game.

      “Chess looks retarded. Go buy a real castle assholes”

    2. if a castle cost as much as a couple of cheap decks and a mixer, i wouldnt play chess anymore.

  1. It was just a matter of time really.

    Non-stop baby scratches for the win!

  2. “Chess looks retarded. Go buy a real castle assholes”


    i’ll try it for sure. it sucks there’s no little crossfader.

  3. “Chess looks retarded. Go buy a real castle assholes”


    Would you sacifice a rook to capture a knight?

    Still, looks like something to TRY at least once. Granted, it may be stupid, but by reasoning that someone will buy this to fulfill ideas of DJ grandure dancing in their head is like saying someone plays GTA because they want to kill people.

    I agree with Ira, a little mixer or something would be the Bees Knees. Or needles that break and you have to make a mad dash across town before the music shop closes, just in time for sound check.

  4. I think they could have somehow implemented more aspects of the turntable instead of just transforming the guitar into a turntable shape. The table doesn’t even turn, there is no mixer and no droppin of the needle. Guitar Hero at least teaches a kid how to sort of hold a real guitar and although it is not much like playing a real guitar when playing chords on a real guitar you could remotely connect that to pressing buttons on the guitar hero controller. This turntable won’t retain anything from the instrument and will further distance children from how to handle the actual instrument…I guess they will be good at hitting the “start/stop” button on a 1200.

  5. With that said…I am glad they are shining some light on our genre. Might deter some hipster indie kids from all these fucked up haircuts and tight jeans.

  6. I’ll bet the table does turn. At the very least move like a quarter turn or something in either direction.

    Beatmania was the shit, it made more sense to have a keyboard and let the turntable be just for “scratching”. That red button is bigger than the rest, I’d bet you have to hold it down and move the record back and forth at times.

    The people behind Guitar Hero aren’t stupid – they’ll probably find a way to make it more fun that we’re giving them credit for.

    Plus – it’ll be fun to hear some random classics in there, the same way they did for GH with rock. I’d like to hear just ONE Lord Finesse tune in there, instead of the usual suspects.

    Can’t wait to play this!

    1. The buttons seem to protrude out of the “record” so by the looks of it the record itself is immobile but I am just speculating.