May 27, 2020

DJ Weezl + Antony of Egypt + Unknown Mizery – ‘Patient Shamans’

New EP from DJ Weezl with Antony of Egypt & Unknown Mizery. Featuring guest spots from Azrael and Corvid Lorax. Art by Mear One.

“This album was recorded on a broken mic in a spare bedroom in East Hastings in Van with an old dresser as a mic stand and an old school pirated version of a late 90s Adobe Audition on a second hand laptop with stolen headphones to do the first mixdown before Weezl messed with it and made it a lot better.”

Unknown Mizery appears as the Ghost of Mizery and Antony of Egypt as Antony the Gypsy. Produced by DJ Swoop except for “Think Tank” & “Eclipse Produced by Cee Reality of Test Their Logik.