April 27, 2008

Dockta Valkus: Skybase [Free Album Download]

Dockta Valkus: SkybaseThe debut album from Calgary’s Dockta Valkus is the latest installment in Neferiu’s free download series. Described as “sci-fi infused underground minimal hip hop,” Skybase is available for free download here.

5 Responses

  1. This stuff is dope. It’s like the lovechild between early ninjatune and kool keith’s inner demons.

  2. this is really awesome. nefariu at this point has a standout production team. ive heard more than one good instrumental album come from them

  3. Hey, Dockta Valkus was living in calgary and has just recently moved to Vancouver, but he’s been hiding for a while now honing his skills in the dark confines of his… mind? Studio? Haha – He is sick tho, he’s got everything i love about minimal techno rolled up into hip hop and Scope’s right – some shit reminds me of old Mark B or DJ Krush … even Vadim in spots.

    Huge thanks for checkin’ the release (& others in the case of Max).