September 6, 2008

Dr. Dooom – “R.I.P. Dr. Octagon”

Kool Keith’s Dr. Dooom 2 is set to drop Sept 23rd on Threshold Recordings, check out the video for the Kutmasta Kurt produced first single “R.I.P. Dr. Octagon.”

16 Responses

  1. tell ’em!

    Although to be fair, the last Dr. Octagon was not good, but Keith is the only rapper in history who can pull off wearing women’s underwear on a rap album.

  2. The only reason Kool Keith is ever wack is because of his beat selection…

    And The Return of Dr Octagon album suffered in part because all of the songs on that album were remixes of the original tunes Keith recorded for the album with a different producer. They did things he normally wouldn’t have done. I didn’t mind that album too much though.

    So far the Dr Dooom album is good, although I’ve only heard the first half at this point.

  3. this is soooo ill
    i have yet to see kool keith live
    i must change that soon.
    i love kurts beats!!!!