April 27, 2010

Emily Rugburn – Statutory Tape

Emily Rugburn – Statutory Tape

<a href="http://grandgood.bandcamp.com/album/statutory-tape">Intro by grandgood</a>

Grandgood and Slangcorp present Statutory Tape, an EP by Emily Rugburn. A follow up of sorts to last month’s free release from Tame One & Dj Junkwaffel: The Hell or High Water EP.

1. Intro
2. The Fresh Prince of Hell Yeah
3. Ode To Zooey Deschanel
4. The Greatest Thing Ever Thunk
5. Ode To Corey Haim
6. The Whatif’s
7. Ode To Ian Ziering
8. Egyptian Ratfuck ft. Shape
9. The Passaic River Phoenix
10. Get Mild Shit (free download)

More info here. Download here.