April 19, 2008

Epic vs. Flammable [2001, battle video]

I recently had a request to dig up this old video clip that was featured on UGSMAG back in the day. I recorded this in 2001 at Edmonton’s first Eliminator battle; I remember Epic was still living in Saskatoon at the time. Enjoy.

14 Responses

  1. hahaha funny ass lines in there. the eric sermon hat hahaha maybe he went fishing, maybe he put the keys in the ignition…dope.

  2. wow ! too bad ppl in canada have such low expectations of what realy is good!very original i’ll give it that! but 4 real does any one else feel the same way i do about epic?? ! no disrespect as to each their own! but on the real this guys Raps Rythum and style is just pure primary.. its a shame that this is the type of shit that is getting heard outside of canada! TO ALL OTHER COUNTRIES ! we all dont sound like we are 12 year old rapers with 0% cadence/rythum/fart but concepts!
    big up on the grind ! no direspect!

  3. Fart balls in response to your post
    I wouldnt say low expectations nor would I say epic is a basic rapper
    the reasons epic is a big part of Canadian hip hop
    1. He supports. very few other mc’s in canada support all rap like epic does.
    2. originality over sick beats
    3.he may seem simple but is actually a very diverse mc

    now some cats don’t like his style and fair enough… but if you hear an epic track you know it’s him. I think epic is a big part of canadian hip hop and what he puts out is always intelligent and energetic( even though he can sound quite monotone) he has good stage presence.

    also how can people compare all canadian rap to epic. If they do that it’s incredibly stereotypical. thats like saying
    all american rappers sound like Why?

    I’m Proud to be a canadian artist and have a diverse music scene behind me. I’m also proud to have artists like epic, Factor, Soso, def3 and other incredible artists representing us overseas and across the border. Our hip hop scene is full of different styles and a cacophony of sound.

  4. I like epic’s written’s… but this is one of the worst things I have ever watched pertaining to hip hop… both these rappers have no place whatsoever in battle raps.