September 1, 2010

Evil Ebenezer – “Take me with you” video

New video from Evil’s forthcoming album Evil Eye, dropping Halloween 2010 on Camobear. Directed by Stuey Kubrick.

7 Responses

  1. Great track.

    “it’s embarrassing telling people you rap, like you’re a tough teenager looking to scrap”

  2. Oh shit this dudes nice. Dope ass voice, almost like a grimey Q-Tip or something. Excellent track.

  3. Oh Evil…nice to see the video. Stuey is mad killing the video’s lately
    @ JonDubs check his last album I really like it (Call me Evil) One of my fav Canadian MC’s in 2010. He’s Evilicious….

  4. easily top 10 in canada without even thinkin. evil’s a creative force. can’t wait for the album. october 31st!!

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