September 16, 2010

Factor’s 2Mex Megamix

Factor’s 2Mex Megamix


Factor has put together a 17-minute megamix spanning 2Mex’s vast catalog. 2Mex’s Strange Famous Records debut My Fanbase Will Destroy You is coming very soon.

Tracklist and the original release the songs appeared on:

1. Love Fights Back (Songodsuns 12?)
2. Falcon Gentle (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
3. Greener Grass ($martyr)
4. Paranoia Sheik (Mindclouders)
5. Doctors, Drums and Danger (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
6. Offering (Dj Nobaby – Soulmates)
7. Audible Angels (Visionaries – Galleries)
8. Baby I Aint’t Joking (2mex)
9. The Return Of Fernandomania (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
10. Minors Into Fire (Over The Counter Culture)
11. Mental Illness (Factor – Lawson Graham)

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