Apr 27, 2011

Farm Fresh (mcenroe, Pip Skid and DJ Hunnicutt) on Manitoba Midday January 1993


This is the best shit ever! Farm Fresh before their first show ever in Brandon, Manitoba. Interview and performance of “Celine Dion”, a track that was never released for some reason.



  1. milliniar

    lol some great dancing

  2. Pat’s appearance hasn’t changed whatsoever in eighteen years. Eerie.

  3. Flared pants, haven’t seen those shits in years.

  4. baggy

    Loved this.

  5. Son of a Pipe Layer

    After the show they went outside and did some no-comply’s and slappy 50-50’s.

  6. metawon

    Pretty awesome!

  7. grant glock

    I watched this three times…..Sole couldn’t hold Pip Skid’s jock!

  8. Royal-T

    wow…pippy looks the same as he does now!! haha this is dope, hunnicut looks like such a kid here haha loving this shit, classic canada

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