• Pip Skid

    A member of the great Fermented Reptile, Pip Skid is on the verge of releasing his first solo album, Friends4Ever, which …

  • 40th Dimension

    A dynamic duo repping Philly to the fullest, 40th Dimension have been paying dues for a while now, pressing up their …

  • All Natural

    On the eve of what will be their second and final album entitled “Second Nature” MC Capital D and DJ Tone …

  • Onemanarmy

    What did you think I was gone? No, No Jbutters is back with another interview and what better way is there …

  • Grap Luva

    Grap Luva was born in Manhattan and raised in Mount Vernon, NY. He is younger brother to legendary producer Pete Rock …

  • Copywrite

    With his new album “The High Exaulted” set to be released this winter off of Rawkus Records/Eastern Conference MHZ frontman Copywrite78 …

  • Adeem

    Adeem. The Scribble Jam ’98 champion and full time rapper shares his thought on hiphop and spirituality.

  • Yak Ballz

    Yak Ballz, of the Weathermen.

  • 7L & Esoteric

    Esoteric, the Boston DJ and MC.

  • J-Zone

    Mc/ Producer/ Dj/ label owner/ Lucy Liu stalker J-zone on a variety of topics such as his new release “A Bottle of Whup Ass” and Headwrap chicks.

  • Moka Only

    We sat down with Moka Only after the Battle-Axe Warriors concert, as it made it’s way through Edmonton.

  • Ams One

    Ams One of the group, Clokworx.

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