October 18, 2010

Flying Lotus – “Kill Your Co-Workers” video

Dope Flying Lotus video from his new EP Pattern+Grid World . Animated by Beeple, this is an open source video, with all the 3D character files available as a free download here.


11 Responses

  1. Definitely cool but seems like a weird choice for a FlyLo video… like it doesnt really sound like him.. Deadly cool 3d shit tho, i love how its all sketchy like an indie rock poster.

  2. Yeah kinda different for Lotus, but I like it. I think the vid is funny. Nice to see lotus on UGSMAG. I would love to see/hear more experiental sounds on UGSMAG!!! P.S. Lotus has a great live show

    1. I saw Lotus live with Megasoid (sixtoo) and I honestly thought sixtoo was more on point. FlyLo was killing the system, but in a bad way, so distorted you could barely make out what he was playing. Sixtoo was killing it in a good way. Flying Lotus still is on some shit though, super dope when he comes correct.

  3. For a flying lotus n00b, whats the best album of his to start off with? He’s all instrumental right? Been hearing about him forever but haven’t given him a listen yet.

    1. yikes…this song is a little too wierd for me. judging from the comments this song is an anomoly and he’s normally a little more conventional?

    2. Look for “Los Angeles”, it’s ill as shit. His latest album “Cosmogramma” is a genius fucking work of art but its for the space heads for sure. Some deeply unreal shit on there. Mostly instrumental. He has the odd tasteful guest.