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April 25, 2010

Free 41 track compilation from Deepcave Records

The Mrs. (Best Of The worst 2002-2008) The Unmixed Tape

The Mrs. (Best Of The worst 2002-2008) The Unmixed Tape is a huge 41 track free compilation of unreleased tracks recorded by Deepcave records artists and friends from 2002-2008. Features production from DJ Kutdown, P-Nut, Nevamind, Fatt Matt, DJ Zach and more. Also guest features by John Smith, Max Prime, Nolto, Webster Death, Arctic, Wab Kinew, Rob Crooks(Grubbs) and more.

Download this and other free albums from Deepcave’s new site:

Also, be on the look out for Royal-T’s new DJ Kutdown produced LP, dropping May 17th and Winnipeg’s The Filthy Animals’ debut release Sounds Of Nature on June 8th. Deepcave will also be on tour across Canada this May with Abstract Rude.

1. NWO- Stay On The Grime prod by P-Nut
2. NWO- Mic Check prod by DJ Kutdown
3. Indy Wars- Indy Wars Is Coming prod by DJ Kutdown
4. NWO- David Bowie feat Grubbs prod by P-Nut
5. NWO- Snakes On A Money Plane feat Webster Death prod by P-Nut
6. Lev and Big Bear- 6 Million Ways To Die prod by Lev
7. NWO- Absolutely Perfect feat Wab and John Smith prod by P-Nut
8. Royal-T- Abec 5 feat Big Bear prod by Barry Kaczorowski
9. NWO- Speculation feat Nevamind, Arctic, Baj Mahaj prod by P-Nut
10. Royal-T- Creeping feat Max Prime prod by Fatt Matt
11. Royal-T- Creation feat Big bear prod by Nevamind
12. NWO- N to the DOub Oh prod by P-Nut
13. NWO- Oldie prod by P-Nut
14. Indy Wars- Doom Bringer prod by DJ Kutdown
15. Royal-T- T Bay Classik feat Arctic prod by Nevamind
16. NWO- Hater Lovers feat Webster Death and Arctic prod by P-Nut
17. Deepcave- Main Menu feat Rukus 45 prod by Nevamind
18. Lev- Biter End prod by P-Nut
19. NWO- Aciddiediedie feat Big Wayne prod by P-Nut
20. NWO- Can’t Fuck With The Likes Of Us prod by P-Nut
21. Arctic- Catchin Wreck feat Royal-T prod by Rogue
22. NWO- OhOhOhOhOh prod by P-Nut
23. NWO- Untoppable prod by Nevamind
24. NWO- Vets prod by P-Nut
25. Indy Wars- Civilians prod by DJ Kutdown
26. Royal-T- Papa Kapenya prod by Nevamind
27. Deepcave- Fear Trust feat Nolto prod by P-Nut
28. Arctic- Kingz Of The Bay feat Royal-T prod by Nevamind
29. NWO- Lite’em Up prod by P-Nut
30. Big Bear- Beats Beats feat Icis Nizz prod by P-Nut
31. NWO- Lazy prod by Icis Nizz
32. NWO- Pegcity Yaddi Yadda prod by DJ Zach
33. Yes Men- Waiting 4 Lav prod by Nevamind
34. Yes Men- Emo Pussies prod by Nevamind
35. Yes Men- Cockblocking Tony Danza prod by Nevamind
36. Royal-T- Ted Danson’s Passion Is Rapping prod by Nevamind
37. NWO- Spilling Drinks prod by Nevamind
38. Yes Men- Early Halloween prod by Nevamind
39. Yes Men and NevLev- The Violence In Ontario feat Teechum and Miss Flo prod by Nevamind
40. Yes Men and NevLev- I’ma Wait 4 Bars prod by Nevamind
41. Jax Of All Trades- The Hurt On Owls prod by Nevamind

7 Responses

  1. we got tons more coming in the next few weeks including 2 cd releases and a tour with ab rude

  2. THanks 4 putting me on bro`s
    energy never seises to exist
    excuse my spelling it`s way late

    this is the year