September 15, 2008

FREE DVD CONTEST: The Mars Project

FREE DVD CONTEST: The Mars Project

We are giving away 4 copies of The Mars Project DVD, Jon B’s new short film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart. The DVD includes a printed insert of Jon’s UGSMAG interview with Conspiracy from last summer, as well as bonus video features.

In the summer of 1997, Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart opened what he believed to be H.P.Lovecraft’s shamanistic book The Necronomicon and claims to have been cursed by it. The medium of his psychological torture is an intergalactic being named Anacron. As part of the legendary underground rap group the Supreme Being Unit, Khari’s “magical experiences” have been the guiding parables behind his work; culminating in his most recent album Sex is the Key to Immortality. The Mars Project is a new film by Canadian filmmaker Jonathan Balazs that strives to present Khari’s experiences honestly, with integrity and with a wandering eye.

The Mars Project DVD Trailer:

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