Frek Sho – “Patience”

Filmed by 319 Heads

Edmonton, (2002)
This was a dope show and the crowd was asking for this song all night. A slightly different version of Frek Sho’s 1996 classic single “Patience” (Ismaila flipped his lyrics, Kutdown is on the cuts and there’s no Gumball or Sunil). The original music video for this track (directed by Micill Shazzam Write), also included below, used to receive play on muchmusic’s Rap City back in the day; one of the first prairie rap groups to do it.

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  1. Avatar ira lee


  2. Avatar ira lee

    shazzam is the best rapper of all time.




  4. I always felt a lot of pride whenever this got spun on Much. To this day, it’s still fun to watch. Props for posting both, Noyz.

  5. hahahha, Mel and Dirty Jimmy together, that’s a blast from the past.

    I like how in this one and the Buck one you can hear Balzac yelling.

  6. Avatar jombie

    Dope. Where was this?

  7. yeeeeeeaaah dope, fuck i miss these guys rappin, spoof was hella sick. ismaila’s the only one i hear anything from anymore but his new shit’s amazing

  8. Yeah, that’s a definite Canadian hip hop classic video… I remember seeing that on Much a few times. Lots of nice moments in that vid. Thanks for posting it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

  9. It was at the old Likwid Lounge or old New City Suburbs, i can never remember which was which.

  10. Avatar professor defbeat

    its refreshing to listen to this with some of the rappers those guys on the other board list as being good rappers from alberta. it reminds me that there is actually good rap from the prairies.

  11. Avatar CounTurrack

    I fucken love that video..

  12. Avatar von christoph

    this is refreshing.
    im taking notes.

    and im glad i finally got a chance to see that vid.

  13. Avatar Chaps

    Brought back some good memories!

    Frek Sho undeniably Canada’s Best!

  14. Avatar craletap

    i remember watching this vid get play on rapcity.. still a banger.

    mood ruff was getting play around the same time .. i guess they dont count as prairie.
    my brother is a lot older than me and cant stand underground rap but when this came out we were both catching neck aches.

    anyways.. definatly a big ups for this classic reminder of history.

    still have this ona videotape somewhere when recording rap vids was in effect.

  15. Mood Ruff are prairie rappers, both groups are from Winnipeg. I’m pretty sure “Patience” was on TV about 3 or 4 years before Mood Ruff had a video on there though.

  16. Avatar craletap

    holla real

  17. Avatar Advo

    Nice…i think the suberbs and likwid lounge was the same place wasn’t it?
    Ya i spotted Addvice ,Epic,I think Weez-l and could def hear big balzac yelling lol

  18. Thats was a great show!!

  19. Avatar Rewind

    Gruf jumping off his bike and throwing it in the snowbank is hilarious!
    good video definately

  20. Avatar Seasinz

    damn was just lookin for this vid and this popped up in google.

    classic video and that was a sick show.

  21. Avatar ethik9

    i remember seein this on muchmusic back in the day and was like this shit is illl killin it in snowbanks.a true prarie rap video.ha. frek sho takes the win.

  22. Winnipeg is grimy so is Frek Sho (me too)

  23. Avatar werd

    reasons like this make me wanna live in the prairies

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