February 8, 2008

Friday Five On It – Feb 8, 2008

Nobs (Fingerprint Records) interviewNobs interview

Sheena She has a polite conversation with Monroe, New York emcee Nobs.

Jay Electronica interviewJay Electronica interview

Interview with New Orleans’ emcee Jay Electronica.

£200 Bottle of Beer£200 Bottle of Beer

Carlsberg has launched the most expensive lager in the world, Vintage No.1, at £200 (aka $390) a bottle.

Trailer for the new Batman movie but in LegoLego Dark Knight Trailer

Trailer for the new Batman movie remade with Lego.

Stic.Man (of Dead Prez) interviewStic.Man (of Dead Prez) interview

Excerpt: “Q: Working with Nas on the Nigger album and hearing and seeing all the attention and feedback he’s getting, what’s your opinion on the term, concept and in general everything?
It’s a delicate issue and it’s a trivial issue at the same time. As much as it matters it’s semantics, and if I’m totally honest that’s what I really think. White people came up with the term nigger, but historically the Niger river Negus which means King and all these are derivatives of these six letters and it’s just a word until a system of White power uses that word to identify and stigmatize and criminalize people. That’s when the word nigger matters. The word Nigger on a piece of paper doesn’t mean shit to me. To me Tupac took that word and baptized it so to speak…”

2 Responses

  1. What kind of geeks out there remake movie trailers with lego? Some people have too much time on their hands.

  2. I liked the Stic Man and Jay Electronica interviews. That is some expensive beer! I definitely want to try it.

    Friday got Five on it!