March 21, 2008

Friday Five On It – Mar 21, 2008

Korg DS-10Korg + Nintendo

The Korg DS-10 is software for the Nintendo DS that simulates the famous Korg MS-10 synthesizer. International releases to be scheduled after July’s Japan launch.

Stealing BeautyStealing Beauty in Ikea

Last year, without Ikea’s permission, Israel-born artist Guy Ben-Ner (who lives in both New York and Berlin) installed himself, his wife, and their two kids in Ikea model rooms all over the world. Setting a camcorder on “auto,” Ben-Ner filmed his family in a semi-scripted soap opera. Most scenes last until Ikea staff throws everyone out. This is a 4 minute excerpt of the full 18 minute Stealing Beauty.

Atmosphere - “Shoulda Known” Atmosphere – “Shoulda Known”

Music video for “Shoulda Known” the first single from Atmosphere’s new album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.

Toronto Hip-Hop’s Bad RapToronto Hip-Hop’s Bad Rap

“With so many insanely great artists making bangin’ beats and dope discs, why is the local scene so slept on? NOW writer and hip-hop artist Addi Stewart, aka Mindbender, wants answers…”

ABC-3DABC-3D Pop Up Book

ABC-3D is a really cool Pop Up alphabet book from Paris based book designer Marion Bataille. This is a video showing her hand-made mock-up of the actual book, which will be published in October 2008.

8 Responses

  1. that “toronto has bad rap” (lol) article was pretty damn good, props to Mindbender for putting in the labour. For the most part people repeated what I never shut the fuck up about, you know, the shit about identity and shit
    I had a problem with the racism part though, and it’s not in the simple act of using the “r-word”, if race was a real issue I’d be fine with that. but it sounds more like mb was arguing that there’s ‘genre-ism’ within the music industry; that people have prejudices against the genre of hip hop. like the fact that tons of rock bands get booked and people don’t show up, but rappers don’t even get the chance to get booked and have no one show up. Speaking from experience, I, a white guy, have personally been discriminated against because of the genre I work in – it involved the U of C Den where we threw a show, probably half the people that came were either armed with weapons or drugs, and the bar subsequently banned hip hop shows from ever happening there again. The point is is that it’s not race related, and I would argue that if there were that many rock shows doing so shitty, that indie-rock will be in the same boat as hip hop within two years.
    also, it’s kind of a huge contradiction to compare the success of US hip hop to the failure Canadian hip hop and then say that it’s racism related. There is no way in hell that Canada is more racist than the US; America has at least 200 years of racism under its belt, and the article even quotes RZA commenting on how amazed he is at canada’s diversity.

    I dunno, good article

  2. I meant to say “america has 200 years of SLAVERY under its belt” if that makes any dif

  3. after watching the atmosphere video again I’d have to say it is at least different maybe I just can’t handle the coked out chick
    shes fucking gross