November 3, 2016

FRKSE – Desecration Anxiety I

New full-length album from FRKSE, out now. Vinyl available from Auris Apothecary.


The new full-length album from experimental artist FRKSE, sculptor of bleak atmospheres, tape loop rhythms, harsh tones, and a plethora of unsettling samples. With titles like “Witness to a Levitation Ruse” and “Delusion,” “Desecration Anxiety I” presents a theme of false prophets and the empty promises of spirituality by grinding through 12 tracks of FRKSE’s trademark sound. Vocal samples in a foreign tongue permeate passages of clanging chimes and atonal guitar while a pulsating beat provides a punishing underbelly of unrest.

“Desecration Anxiety I” is a cohesive and consistently dismal album, at times feeling akin to a vintage horror movie soundtrack, and others like a lost mixtape of experimental beats from an organic industrial outfit. With a highly dynamic lacquer transfer and virgin black vinyl, “Desecration Anxiety I” is a stunning, hi-fidelity testament to the powers of overcoming spiritual ignorance.