December 4, 2011

FRKSE – Guilt Surveillance LP

Help the homie FRKSE raise funds to his new album pressed on vinyl! Check out the different incentives and packages here:

Our Story

FRKSE is an electronic and visual artist based out of Jamaica Plain and is releasing a limited run of 100 copies of its new LP – Guilt Surveillance. FRKSE is a sample-based beat oriented project that incorporates elements of drone, noise, fuzz, and ambient music on top of samples. FRKSE plays live shows and tours.

The story behind Guilt Surveillance is simple: capturing the feeling of being monitored and watched. The isolation of being a falsely accused terrorist, a bullied child, or a victim of mob rule – the intended outcome is the same.

The album is 25% completed. It is recorded entirely on four track using a variety of electronic instruments including the MPC 60, micromoog, bass guitar, noise generators, percussion, and BOSS SP303. For a preview, check out and click Guilt Surveillance.

The Impact

The sale of this LP will not benefit FRKSE financially. The costs are needed to ensure this release gets a proper release from the packaging to the vinyl itself. If we do not meet our goal of 700 dollars, we may still be able to press the LP, but it may become more difficult to do so.

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