April 14, 2010

Ghettosocks – “Out For Treats” video

Ghettosocks’ follow-up single “Out for Treats”, off of his album Treat of the Day. Produced by Jorun Bombay, video directed by Jason Levangie.

Download this track: http://music.ghettosocks.com/track/out-for-treats


19 Responses

  1. Best part of the video was the Muneshine and Burgy cameos…other than that it was pretty forgettable.

  2. there ar these two parallel themes running here and i just find it hilarious that they have been at all linked together. and towards the end it just gets more and more absurd i am literally loling all over myself up in here. and then all the phallic imagery at the end there and the homies pigging out and then the girl burps and the dystopia motif is complete with this return to savagery. i actually adore this music video.

  3. the composition of the first frames, ending with the shot of ghetto socks on the candy throne is brilliant.

    awesome job homies!