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May 4, 2009

Grand Analog “Light So Bright” (feat. Cadence Weapon)

Grand Analog "Light So Bright" (feat. Cadence Weapon)

Download: here

Grand Analog “Light So Bright” (feat. Cadence Weapon) featured on Exclaim.ca. From their forthcoming album Metropolis Is Burning.

[via URBNET]

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Grand Analog "Light So Bright" (feat. Cadence Weapon)

66 Responses

  1. this is fucking horrible
    the beat is close to the worst beat i have heardin a long time
    the hook “light so bright i gotta wear shades” just wow.

    1. Exclaim does that with all of their news items when two or more acts are involved. Some of the results are hilarious. For example, when Trent Reznor and Chris Cornell were throwing daggers at each other a couple of months ago, they put together this photo illustration with a pic of Cornell and Timbaland partying and a pissed-off Trent. Classic laughs.

  2. WOW HHAAHAaaa

    Grab your ankles!!…i mean…Touch your toes!!…’cause it gets you that much closer to a dick in your mouth.

    Im surprized Grand Analog hasn’t talked tough from Toronto…hipster wanker fuck.

    Winnipeg loves you!!

  3. i feel like maybe this board’s general dislike for grand analog is clouding the fact that, at the very least, this is a great beat, something that wouldn’t be out of place on a themselves record, for example.

    personally, i have respect for grand analog. they get out there, tour and work really hard, something i couldn’t say for plenty of people in the canadian underground rap community

    1. hahah I’m surprised you have time to do collabo’s with all your ‘legal battles’ — seriously man, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. Everyone already knows the weak shit you pulled.

  4. My hmmm was kind of an I don’t know what to think of this. Which I would probably say if Grand Analog ever did anything with Themselves. Odario is dope, and this is a bold move for him. Still not totally sure if this works for him. See you in the light.

  5. It’s just not a good song.

    i like your verse rollie, but can hardly hear it.

    it’s missing weezil scratches and the chorus is weak.

    i hope you got a case of redbull and 500 usd for this homie.

  6. ^^^^
    And you clearly are afraid to stand behind your comments.
    Instead you hide behind a screen name.
    As much as i think rollie is a douche, he posts using his real name, and i can respect anyone who puts their name behind what they say.
    Your opinion will hold weight, when you crawl out from behind your mama’s skirt.

  7. also the drums at the begining are fresh like the guy said above, it sounds like billy squire -big beat sped up a little.
    but when the annoying buzzing sounds come in, it kills the drums.
    And those conga drums at the end are wack period.

  8. ^^^^ Your obsession with Grand Analog is making you look bad. You are CLEARLY a bias opinion.

  9. “Hipster Hop” prerequisites 101

    Girl Jeans – check
    A couple token indie rock white guys – check
    pink shirts – check
    Horrible singing – check
    1 visible graffiti tag to show how urban you are – check
    subpar electronic hip hop beat – check

  10. ^^^^ Your obsession with Grand Analog is making you look bad. You are CLEARLY a bias opinion.

    The bias and opinions I have… not am…. come from a decade of actively contributing honest, and sincere music to the Canadian hip hop community. By paying to tour rap music independently in North America as a rapper and a lifelong fan.

    i’m ira lee and i make rap for fun with my friends. who are you rooster?

    this track is relationship marketing.

    Pyramid schemes used to be illegal.

  11. you may be missing some information, addvice

    i’m going to contact you

  12. saw the Analog open for k-os last night in winnipeg. AWESOME set !!! I don’t know much Weapon stuff but now I’ll check for sure. Canadian hiphop is doing it’s thing whether the haters like it or not. BIG UP TO GRAND ANALOG AND MR WEAPON!

  13. ya and it’s the same haters over and over again everytime I read these posts. you’re pretty lame guys, heywoodjablome clearly has personal issues and ira needs to stop posting. it’s too redundant and lame. I’m an idie rock lovin’ girl that listens to a lot of hip-hop too. is that a problem?! grow up homies you’re behind the times. grand analog and cadence weapon rock my world… designer jeans pink shirts and all.

  14. yeah, leave underground rap to white dudes with glasses exclusively, please! fuck, i hope girls don’t start coming to rap shows now…

  15. At least Odario and the boys always get maximum exposure on here thanks to the nay-sayers. I’m looking forward to the new album allot.

  16. great and not so great artists make great and not so great songs. this song, in particular, is a failure.

    On a level where none of us make any money, have any fans, and pay to put out our own records.

    fuck girls at rap shows. literally.

    how about some fucking ‘rap’ at rap shows?????

    if any of you we’re rally odario’s freinds, you would tell old man river to step his game way the fuck up 15 years deep.

    When everybody’s finished making their fashion statements, and hit music videos and fan club award speeches, i’ll be right here doing what so many of us did before, and after scenester – hop’s oversaturated 15 minutes.

    living rap.

    my name is ira lee, i make raw, sincere music with my friends for fun, and i only like rap.

    ira lee

  17. Ira Lee, stop posting sweetheart it’s embarrassing. LOL you’re such a drama queen homie. I bought the last Grand Analog cd and I’ll buy the next one, it’s good music. I’m a girl and I go to rap shows so fuck all you HATER dudes. HAHA. suck it up losers!

  18. i like grand analog and i like cadence weapon but i will probably never listen to this song again.

    nevertheless it was worth a shot to try something different

  19. ponderone, i don’t care if you’re a fifty foot cupcake with a cucumber stuck up your shopping kart.

    do us all and yourself a favor and take a minute to check out all the amazing music, videos, and art the participating members of the community are responsible for.

    your anonymity and sudden appearance speaks volumes to your intent and credibility.

    interacting with me only encourages me.

    you know what to do when a dog pee’s on the floor, right?

  20. Sorry LOL. I just had to call Ira out on his “I’m a raw righteous rapper” bullshit. What farce. Anywaaaay… back to whatever.

  21. the skin tight acid wash are cutting off the circulation to your brain ponderoni.

    it’s way past time to pick sides. pick hip hop. pick honest intent and sincerity in music. pick the experience 99 percent of us go through on a daily basis. struggle. poverty. obscurity, depression, addiction. life.

    if anyone in the universe has a problem with one of Canada’s best rappers, step to me on record, or stage, or just come up to me and have a chat in real life. I’m a nice liar and really, a good person’s friend.

    weezil has to stand up for himself. i trust the situation is resolved amicably for the well being of all parties involved.

  22. This whole thread is Awesome. I’ve been hanging with Weez, and yes he’s back on the block. He really needs that money the label owes for the tour, homie is literally broke as fuck. I don’t even want to pick sides or criticize anybody else’s scene or music.

    This thread pretty much sums up the only shit going on on for this board. self-promotion and bitching. What happened to talking?

  23. that comment about this beat being even close to a Jel beat is the dumbest thing I ever heard

  24. lol @ ira

    some hilarious quotables in this thread

    i honestly haven’t even listened to this track yet

  25. listen Ponderosa, no one cares if you’re a girl if you can’t see what’s wack about this then your opinion is already falling on deaf ears. funny thing that this “girl” just appears out of the blue for one post like she was searching the net tirelessly for places to defend grand analog and happened upon ugs. haha yeah right. I tried hard not to post in this thread. I’m trying to keep my negative internet comments to low.

  26. UGS always has the goodies and the controversy every time I take a peak! If this thread is about the beat I think it’s great. Every time I hear a new GA track it sounds different from the last. I personally like the reggae style shit from them the most. Listen to Around This Town it’s one of my fav hip hop tracks in the last few years hands down.

  27. big up to deepcave, and frek sho, and p and c, and spitz and Kinetik and Kutdown and Brace, and Ness, and Gumshoe and Yy, and Foultone, and Shadez.

    winnipeg rap.

    1. Now there’s some WPG grime!!

      Jon-C’s “Da General- Blood Sweat & Tears” is pure grime.

      No rainbow scarfs, low top Cons, or hipster bullshit there.

    2. hell yeah. NorthSide Swag, Came A Long Way, The Ghetto & Pavin A Way are my favs off that disc. Bad Ass Shorty is also supa sic. tryin to bring them to edmonton…

  28. I like hip hop the best, but to only listen to hip hop is to cut yourself of from the essence of hip hop – finding dope shit in everything, even negative and stupid ass bullshit, be it an environment, a culture, a shitty record or whatever.

    This track has some cool elements… the part at the end sounds like the cure, for better or worse. I like spaced out shit, so I didn’t think the end was so bad. Not into the hook or how loud the distorted stab was mixed vs the vocals, but I like the drums. Not my favorite song at all, but like someone else said I like GA and CW seperately – the Grand Analog track cosm sparked his recent cancon mixtape with is butter!

    Not suprised at the reaction either, but even though I’m on ugs like five times a day I don’t know where the ira lee/grand analog beef came from. Can somebody link me to an old post or something?

    1. woah… I cant believe I missed that. Some of those replies are like fifteen pages long. This shit goes deep.

  29. a few points from reading this

    1) What happened between Rollie and Weez is more on a friendship level than business. would it make sense to take weezle along on tour for a few years for business no, it was more friendship. There dynamics is no one elses to judge as there is probably more to the picture than meets the eye. rap is shady especially among friends. the industry is fucked just let it be. the only thing shadier than major lables are indy lables.

    2) no rap fan would say grand analog rocks my world

    so i don’t know who ponderosa is but its probably one of ira’s ex girlfriends. ” when i step on stage girls boo too much” anyways if not i apologize miss.

    3) most rap people i know work very hard sometimes its the make it in canadian rap at all costs will make me the dopest mentalitly i don’t like. “mc’s are just hopeless casue there records sales make them think they are the dopest.

    4) i think ira lee and cadence weapon are both fantastic – mc paul barman

    shouts out to nutley. ira quit being a bitch and mail me your address. and quit being sketchy about setting up an edmonton show i went out of my way to try and help me and you are being sketchy. i love you anyways.

  30. ‘sketchy’ means epic wants me to call him to save on phone bills….


    We’re on homie!

    Weezil hooked it up!