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July 21, 2014

Graves 33 – Smoke Filled Rooms

New instrumental album from Graves 33, which for $10 comes with non exclusive licensing rights to use any or all of the beats as long as Graves 33 and the album Smoke Filled Rooms is mentioned in liner notes and he gets a copy of the project (either digital or physical) to enjoy.

All tracks Produced and Arranged by Graves 33 in the comfort of his home in Seattle Washington. Mastered by Twin Pillars. Upon purchase of this full instrumental album you not only become a listener of this full album but you are cordially invited to non-exclusively use its properties in your works. If you are a songwriter or musician you can feel free to write and record to these tracks or use them in live performances. If you are a film maker you are welcome to use these soundscapes in your films and videos. If you are a DJ I advocate using these beats in your routines or for remixes. If you are a video game designer you could also bring new life to these gems. You can download it in full hi resolution WAV files or MP3 formats. I only ask three easy things of you… 1. You must first and foremost pay the asking price of 10 dollars to legally obtain your copy… 2. You must give me, “Graves 33” and the album “Smoke Filled Rooms” production credit in your liner notes or film credits… and finally… 3. You must send me proof or physical copies of what you end up creating with it. If you are merely purchasing this album purely for listening pleasure I humbly thank you.