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May 13, 2008

Hand’Solo Records – Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons mixtape [free download]

Hand’Solo Records - Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons mixtape

Hand’Solo Records has just released their first mixtape entitled Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons (are no match for a good blaster), which features a mix of previously released classics, new verses over Hand’Solo instrumentals and new exclusives. The mixtape is available as a free download from handsolorecords.com/hokey-religions-mix, or can be purchased on CD for $10 by mail, which includes the postage.


01. Fritz Intro / Secret Fuckin’ Song – Buck 65 feat Stinkin’ Rich
02. Rhyming Into a 4 Track (dub) – Epic and Touch
03. Best in Show – Wordburglar
04. Be Natural – Tachichi
05. Falcon Millenium Ninja – Suika
06. Join Us Or Die – Bucket of Gold Teeth
07. Tour de Gallows – Jesee Dangerously and Modulok
08. Life 2 Wild – Royce Birth and Royal T
09. Just Let It Happen – Ira Lee, Wordburglar and Knowself
10. Live to DAT – Sixtoo
11. None Missing (Dirty Sample Remix) – Birdapres
12. Ah Hemsky – Epic
13. Bury the Bodies – Fritz the Cat, Mindbender and Vangel
14. Talk 2 the Hand (Solo) – More or Les
15. The Ripped Thong Song – Mackenzie, Lexington and Fortunato
16. Keep the Channel Locked – Big Ref, Myf and Noah 23
17. Heads Up – Tachichi feat. CasUno, Esh, Xczircles, Dis4bled and Megalynk 3
18. The Ark – Moka Only
19. The WBmix – Wordburglar
20. Many Many – Eternia

If you’re in Toronto be sure to check out the mixtape release party:

When: Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Where: The Rivoli (334 Queen St West @ Spadina)
Who: Wordburglar, More or Les, Red Ants, Noah 23, Royce Birth, Brockway Biggs and music supplied by Fresh Kils
Cost: $5

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the listing…

    The mixtape has a few interesting tracks:

    Tachichi’s “Be Natural” is produced by Buck 65 and was to be released on the aborted Suicidal Soul LP.

    The Dirty Sample remix of Birdapres’s “None Missing” is the first leaked track from The Dirty Sample remix album that will be released later this year on Hand’Solo Records.

    Knowself returns to hip hop with his verse on “Just Let It Happen” alongside Ira Lee and Wordburglar… and you’ll be happy to know he sounds the same as ever.

    “The WBmix” is an exclusive Wordburglar track that reworks “The WB” with a new beat and new lyrics… Eternia raps on the original instrumental for “The WB” with “Many Many”.

  2. holy fuck you re-did heads up?!?!?!?!

    i cant wait to check this out when i get home

  3. Well, to be fair, we kept Tachichi’s verse from the original and put new rappers over the remaining instrumentals… It’s not an official remake.