February 24, 2009

Hangar 18 Bids Farewell

Hangar 18 Bids Farewell

Dear Jukies and Hangarmaniacs,

At this point you may or may not be aware that Hangar 18 has decided to call it quits. We feel we had a nice run but the inspiration to take the group further just wasn’t there anymore. We felt it wouldn’t be fair to ourselves, the fans, and the label to continue on if we weren’t going to make music that we were passionate about.

This is not a case of beef splitting up the group. We are all still good friends and see each other frequently, it is merely a case of needing to move on to something new.

Ian (Wind) has started a business with his fiancé and is to be doing quite well. He has decided to give up rapping as he felt he said all that he wanted to say and doesn’t feel the need or desire to make music anymore.

Paul (paWL) continues to write and direct commercials and original content. He has a beautiful family that he loves to be with.

I have started a new group with my friend/producer Kojo called “Alaska and Kojo are: The Crack Epidemic”. Kojo does the beats and I do the rapping, we have just finished our first EP entitled “Woke up This Morning?” and have started work on a full-length album, tentatively titled “Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit”. If you would like to find out more about us you can reach us at myspace.com/alaskaandkojoare

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