November 19, 2010

Hidden Fortress – “Apotheosis” feat. Modulok

From Vancouver duo Hidden Fortress’ album All That Is, out now on Hand’Solo Records. The first single “Apotheosis” is a free download featuring Modulok (of Red Ants/Takaba Records) and includes instrumental, acapella and The Dirty Sample (aka Planit) remix versions. All That Is also features appearances from Raven Madd (Wounded Animals), Planit (aka The Dirty Sample) and Japanese rapper Kaigen (of Curse Ov Dialect).

4 Responses

  1. Apotheosis is one of my favorite words… I have an instrumental I made a while back called that…

    Dope name!

  2. apotheosis (??p??????s?s)

    — n , pl -ses
    1. the elevation of a person to the rank of a god; deification
    2. glorification of a person or thing
    3. a glorified ideal
    4. the best or greatest time or event: the apotheosis of De Niro’s career

    [C17: via Late Latin from Greek: deification, from theos god]