September 9, 2008

Hitfarmers – Urban Artifacts Mixtape [free download]


Free mixtape from Germany’s Hitfarmers; featuring Brooklyn Academy, Killah Priest, Braille, EQ & Reef The Lost Cauze, Ill Poetic & Wordsworth, Contribution X, Kev Turner, Block McCloud and more.


1. Contribution X – Intro (Skit)
2. Randam Luck – Where Ya At?
3. EQ, Reef The Lost Cauze, Hyskillz – Shit On Lock (Hitfarmers Remix)
4. Critical Madness – Empirical (Produced by Marco Polo)
5. Braille – Double Dose (Produced by Stieber Twins)
6. Hitfarmers feat. Warpath – The King Commands His Warlord (Urban Artifacts Edit)
7. Kev Turner – Eargasm (Produced By J-Slant)
8. J-Spliff of The Majors – Suckers Never Play Me
9. Block McCloud, Warpath, Sir Smo – I Love My Hood Pt. I (Produced by Block McCloud – Hitfarmers Edit)
10. The Vendetta feat. Danny Diablo & Ceekay Jones – Never Satisfied (Hitfarmers Remix)
11. Ciph Barker – Snakes Eggs
12. Mesidge feat. Planetary – Werk Of Art (Hitfarmers Remix)
13. CAEN Project (Equinox feat. Killer Rellik) – Breaking Poynt (Produced By Cimer Amor)
14. Contribution X feat. Killah Priest & Monk – Build
15. The White Shadow Of Norway feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Mr. Malchau – Sick Rhymes
16. windchILL of A.O.I. – Come With Me
17. Brooklyn Academy feat. Killah Priest – Splash (Hitfarmers Remix)
18. Little Vic – The Exorcist (Produced By DJ Premier)
19. Trainspotters feat. Sci-Fi – It..s Time
20. Aarophat – Lethal
21. Ill Poetic & Wordsworth – One More
22. The Underclassmen feat. Kalmoo – Skillz Unlimited
23. Sick Since feat. Canibus – RIP The Reptilian
24. Danny Diablo feat. Big Left, Danny Boy & Slaine – Satanic Shamrocks
25. Nomad feat. Xkwisit – The Coliseum (Produced by Hakiki Bela)
26. Atma (12 Jewels) – Solar Winds
27. Baby Blak, ENEM The Great, and Granz – Danger (Produced By Cimer Amor)
28. Product – Contaminated Thoughts
29. Hitfarmers feat. Born Unique – Joining Forces Exlusive
30. IDE feat. Creative Juices (L.I.F.E. Long, Critical Madness, UG) – What Happened?
31. Rootpeople feat. Krizz Blizz – I Love My Hood Pt. II (Produced By Untitled)

3 Responses

  1. looks solid.

    haven’t heard a new baby blak verse in years. holy shit!! UG on track 30. from cella dwellas?

    wooooooooooord up

  2. Dope mix, great lineup! Definitly looking forward to their producer album!

    Hitfarmers is good shit!

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