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June 2, 2009

Hopsin – “Pans in the Kitchen”

Video from Los Angeles / Ruthless Records artist, Hopsin. Directed by Deji LaRay.


17 Responses

    1. cause he got that flow! and this song is soo funny!!! but what does the pans in the kitchen mean??

  1. mama keep the pots n paaans in the kitchen
    mama keep the pots n paaans in the kitchen
    i be bangin’ on the paaans in the kitchen
    so mama don’t be tryna hide the pans in the kitchen!

    1. mothers who are sick of their kids who are so hyped on hip hop that they will beat on anything to make a drumline…

  2. K…I don’t get the second verse. But rap that makes sense is for fags

  3. hey does anyone know All the lyircs to this song??
    i cant find them any WHERE! ahh.. so what are the lyrics