Jun 2, 2009

Hopsin – “Pans in the Kitchen”


Video from Los Angeles / Ruthless Records artist, Hopsin. Directed by Deji LaRay.



  1. am i just really baked right now or does dude sound british in the first verse?…

  2. Where can one find the Mp3?

  3. jesus christ. what is the point of this?

    • the jew

      cause he got that flow! and this song is soo funny!!! but what does the pans in the kitchen mean??

  4. Gary Cinise

    mama keep the pots n paaans in the kitchen
    mama keep the pots n paaans in the kitchen
    i be bangin’ on the paaans in the kitchen
    so mama don’t be tryna hide the pans in the kitchen!

  5. Right, so what does that have to do with a large girl?

  6. Gary Cinise

    No clue, Oedipus complex?

  7. who doesn’t keep their pots and pans in the kitchen?

    • Revert

      mothers who are sick of their kids who are so hyped on hip hop that they will beat on anything to make a drumline…

  8. I’m diggin’ that big girl.

  9. I still don’t mind his flow.

  10. Grant Fuhr is so coked out right now

    This song is ill so far…one verse in

  11. Grant Fuhr is so coked out right now

    K…I don’t get the second verse. But rap that makes sense is for fags

  12. this made me laugh and the hook was in my head all day.

    noreaga watchout..

  13. kalee-shea

    hey does anyone know All the lyircs to this song??
    i cant find them any WHERE! ahh.. so what are the lyrics

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