August 27, 2008

I Heart Lung – “Interoceans Remixed”, Feat. Radioinactive, Omid, Jel, Awol One, Serengeti

Interoceans RemixedFollowing up the Jel + Awol One + Serengeti track we posted a few days ago: I Heart Lung are a jazz duo with ties to L.A. underground hip-hop. Consisting of Chris Schlarb on guitar and Tom Steck on drums, the duo’s new album, Interoceans, is set for release on September 23rd via Asthmatic Kitty Records. The four song, forty-plus minute drone opera (sans vocals) also features Nels Cline, from Wilco, amongst others.

As Interoceans neared completion, producer Chris Schlarb put together two lists. One contained names of his favorite hip-hop producers and M.C.’s. The other was an index of his top experimental electronic and ambient artists. The concept was simple; each list would reimagine Interoceans’ four tracks, with Schlarb serving as executive producer. Interoceans Remixed includes collaborations with Jel, Awol One, Serengeti, Radioinactive, Omid, Bizzart, Greg Davis, and more!

Interoceans Remixed is now available as a free download courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty Records.

01. Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)
02. Interoceans II (Jel Remix with Awol One and Serengeti)
03. Interoceans III (Ellul Remix with Radioinactive)
04. Interoceans IV (Omid Remix with Gajah and Bizzart)
05. Interoceans I (Sugarghost Remix)
06. Interoceans II (Strategy Remix)
07. Interoceans III (Badun Remix)
08. Interoceans IV (Greg Davis Remix)

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