Nov 12, 2008

Ill Bill – “My Uncle” [Video]


Animated video for Ill Bill’s track about his Uncle Howie, from The Hour of Reprisal. Directed by Adam Calfe.

Ill Bill – “Society Is Brainwashed”
Ill Bill – The Hour Of Reprisal [sampler download]


  1. This is very very dope. The album was dope as fuck. Sick to meet Bill.

  2. Avatar heywoodjablome

    this video is dope!!!!

  3. My favorite track off the album, really like this video.

  4. Avatar chris must

    Now thats what I call a music video

  5. Avatar Lingo

    heat. That beat is fucking banging.

    im thinken I should get this album

  6. Avatar kwazer

    wow, i can relate to this track in too many ways.. non the less dope track from one of my favorite rappers

  7. Avatar chris must

    Yeah you should cop that shit I bought iy a while back its dope its got all the lyrics in the book and a live at cbgbs DVD

  8. fucking amazing video. anyone ever see the vid where Ill Bill shows Howie this song for the first time??

    Howie’s reaction and dancing is priceless-

  9. Avatar jawns b

    great video!

  10. i can’t stop listening to this track. fuck is it dope.

  11. Avatar staas

    this album is really great, i think bill will be viewed as one of the greatest of all time for sure

    look what fucking allmusic says about the album…..1.5 stars out of 5, unfuckingbelievable

    Think rap metal is dead? Think again. While maybe not as overtly obnoxious as your Limp Bizkits of yesteryear, there are still artists out there who continue to mix and match elements of both aforementioned styles. For instance, take Ill Bill. His sophomore effort, 2008’s Hour of Reprisal, is more rap than metal, but with numerous tips of the cap to metal bands (in addition to cameos by Max Cavalera, and members of Killswitch Engage and Bad Brains), Bill is certainly well versed in metal. But does it all fit together? Not exactly. Both “Trust Nobody” and “A Bullet Never Lies” is your typical tough guy rhymin’ and rappin’ shtick, while tracks such as “U.B.S. (The Unauthorized Biography of Slayer)” and “The Most Dangerous Weapon Alive” namechecks the rapper’s favorite metal bands. However, the track that’s certain to cause the biggest ruckus is “White Nigger,” as Bill talks about the tough life he experienced — growing up as a Caucasian rapper (and how “Mel Gibson never liked Danny Glover” and “My peoples would have beat the fuckin’ shit out of Kramer”). Somewhere, Vanilla Ice and Fred Durst are mighty proud of Ill Bill’s talents.

  12. yeaH from front to back this whole track is murKy in the murking of murkiness….

  13. Avatar chris crush&sniff


    It doesn’t really suprise me. Most people who do music reviews are failed musicians themselves so the only way they can get even is by writing shit like that

  14. the person who did that review is a raging douchebag

  15. Wow who the fuck is allmusic?


  16. Avatar Slotter

    aah. dope video. solid album

  17. Wow who the fuck is allmusic? *smh* is a great site for music research, full of staff reviews, credits, track listings, etc.
    Now I’m not the biggest Ill Bill fan, nor have I heard all of the new album, but even I know that review is incredibly misguided.
    A tiny slight on an otherwise useful site.

  18. Avatar hahahaha

    people who don’t live rap don’t get rap. even if they listen to it, they listen to Kanye West and Lil Wayne, and Wu (ussually post-Forever) for credibility, and think they can have an opinion. no, they can’t. they are ignorant. that’s what I find in my experiences, anyway

  19. Avatar staas

    ^^^fuck that shit, rap music is for everybody

  20. Avatar HOGWASH

    This song and video are dope. I’m coppin this album today! Ill Bill is one of the most consistant in the game.

  21. Avatar Rufpoet

    Prop’s to Ill Bill for his mention in this Months Source magazine as well.. !!

  22. Avatar ceej

    dope vid!

    haha, who gives a crap about the source. why would you read that shit pile, they are irrelevant.

  23. Avatar max prime

    great art style. This tracks’ got my favorite hook of of 2008

    “concious rap is bullshit. gangster rap is a fraud”

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