Sep 26, 2008

Ill Bill – “Society Is Brainwashed” [video]


Video for DJ Premier produced track from Ill Bills The Hour of Reprisal, directed by Jim Starace.


  1. Dope track, video is kinda cool but nothing new – was hoping for more than just some regurgetated news flicks, seems a bit obvious.

  2. Haha… was this beat in premier’s throw away bin?

    I wonder how much bill paid for that shit.

  3. Avatar staas

    yo i loved shit, beat included

  4. Avatar staas

    yo i loved shit, beat included

    i haven’t got the chance to hear bill’s new album yet but i can'[t wait

  5. Avatar staas

    fucking slow ass balkan internet sorry

  6. Avatar Balzac

    tracks dope. beat was originally supposed to go to hov for the american gangster soundtrack. hardly a throw away.

  7. what you mean throwaway bin? this beat is dope as fuck. and i doubt bill paid much if anything considering him and premo been down for a good bit now.


    premo runs rap

  9. fucking wicked dope. This beat killssssss….

  10. Avatar max prime

    great great song.

    those news clip videos though are getting a bit overdone. sure it cuts costs of video making,

  11. Avatar Chris Plus

    Cool song, Nicholai sucks

  12. It took a sec, but the beat grew on me. The vid works.

  13. Avatar Bitz

    LA COKA NOSTRA!!————takin ova 08/09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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