Jul 13, 2010

Intelligentlemen – Face Value EP



  1. Listening session tonight and this will be in the rotato. Looking forward to it – cover is super ill.

  2. kcom

    Thanks Noyz!

  3. Sweet, sick album guys, good job! I’m Bad & Wishin are my standouts

  4. Nolto

    My favourite is No Regrets. But don’t let it go to your head kent.

  5. kcom

    Thanks fella’s…I should mention that Beats Me produced “I’m Bad” and “Wishin”; and my homie Brady Finnie produced “No Regrets”.

  6. Jabel

    free download? were can i find a DL link?

  7. Jabel

    Oops, sorry dude.

  8. iraleeiswack

    very dope! great work!

  9. kcom

    Not sure if the link is expired or not, But I can easily send you (anybody who wants one) an updated one, just shoot me an email:

    Thanks for checking it out!

  10. satan

    link is eggspired

  11. kcom

    Yeah I had a couple people email me about it yesterday…I’m going to fix it (hopefully tonight), and i’ll post the updated link in the comments here.

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