February 2, 2010

Ira Lee – 47 Minutes Too Long (Mixtape Download)

Ira Lee – 47 Minutes Too Long (Mixtape Download)

47 Minutes Too Long is a mixtape of Ira Lee’s best/unreleased tracks from the past decade, presented by thewackblog.com.

Download: http://mediafire.com/?ianly2jmtq1

Words from Ira: In 2010 the only way to remain relevant is quantity. Which is a tough thing to wrap your head around when your viewpoint is rooted in quality. I can’t resist any longer and I realize my experimentation may alienate the core body of my friends and fan base. My music is so highly personal, strange, awkward, and unsettling. I’m often compared to several completely different artists on the same record, but never called ‘original.’ I make alot of different genre’s of music and I do it extremely well. My unfortunate habit of sitting on dope shit and downplaying my spurts of super productivity is dead. On the road for the majority of 2010, ‘47 Minutes too long’ an ira lee retrospective (2000 – 2009) is a collection ira lee’s best/unreleased and experimental songs spanning the last decade.

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